Brief Explanation for My Hiatus (Or Why I Abandoned the Internet)

When I decided to give my family and myself more energy and time, I converted from a full-time academic librarian to a part-time public librarian which gave me more time to have another baby, build shutters for the house, enter photo contests, watch PBS Kids shows, use crayons, visit new museums, eat healthy meals, go to medieval fairs, and rediscover my identity. I had far less time to write, go out to eat with friends, daydream about the glory of being a mom, shop alone, use the bathroom without a toddler around, or eat out of vending machines. It has been a crazy readjustment to life that I didn’t expect.

The other odd thing was that I started to love my work. Not just the work of being a mom, but also being a librarian. However, I’ll explain my new love of being a public librarian in a later post in order to remain true to the title of this post and keep this as brief as possible (unless being brief is an impossibility for me and I’m already not being brief by discussing being brief).

I didn’t merely abandon my blogs, but I even committed social media suicide and deleted my Facebook account. Some might think that extreme and others know that’s perfectly healthy. Besides quitting my full-time academic position, quitting Facebook was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I immediately felt 80 pounds lighter and far less like a social media zombie, or slave to checking status updates. Honestly, I really don’t care what my old high school chums had for dinner or why my coworkers’ political beliefs are the way that they are. And I seriously didn’t need to see more than half of the photos or posts that my pseudo-pals posted. Sometimes it’s better not to know. It also gives me far more time to read about things that I’m really interested in, such as breastfeeding in public. But that, too, is something I’ll leave for a future post.

If it weren’t for the newborn and toddler in my house who don’t like to sleep, I’d feel almost human. But then there is the writing, which I’ve missed dearly and which consistently makes me feel more human. And I have so much to say, but fewer people who take me seriously with spit up all over my suit. Looking back…I guess I really can’t be brief.


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