Adventures in Crib Purchasing (Day 41): Time to Panic yet?

Lost Crib

Where is my crib?

Since the crib that I ordered didn’t come in this week as scheduled, I decided to call the store to see what was going on. Apparently there was an attempted delivery to the store and then the delivery man decided that he didn’t want to walk a little that day or something. So the delivery man took the crib with him and now the crib is lost somewhere. Now, I’m supposed to wait until next Tuesday to see if he redelivers it. If he doesn’t, I am told that another will be ordered. If the crib is still in stock, I will have to wait another week or two to have the crib delivered…again.

After explaining to the store that I am on a strict deadline because I am less than two months away from my due date, I was told, “sorry about that.” So this crib could arrive at the store during the period that I could actually deliver. I am certainly beginning to panic a little. It’s not like I waited this long to order a crib. I have had several other failed crib purchasing attempts; 3 different stores, 3 different cribs.

And with this crib, it is not at the store and not in the factory…and no one can tell me where it is or where it will be. Shouldn’t someone be accountable for the location of the merchandise? So I wait again. I still need to make sure my mattress will fit with the crib before I can no longer return the mattress to the store. And what if this crib arrives damaged too? AAAHHHH!!!!

Maybe I should just get a bassinet for a while.


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