Dear Neighbor

I noticed that you returned from your trip today. As much as I missed your daily car horn honking, which always notified everyone in our household that you were home or had returned from your vehicle once again, I missed your nightly noises more. Black and White Film StillI’m glad that you’re a happy person that will gladly stay awake all night hollering unusual words, yipping and cheering like a cheerleader whose boyfriend is quarterback for the first time, or laughing as loudly as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!

The silence in your absence was so unusual that members of our household began to wonder if we were still hearing noises from your apartment. And it reminded us of the time that we stayed home on Halloween and told ghost stories about you throughout the night.

Your celebratory homecoming was quite welcome. As you honked your car horn 5 times in ten minutes to make sure that your doors were locked, I felt some sense of normalcy. I cannot wait to see what new words I will learn tonight during your 3AM one-man party! Welcome home!!!


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