Adventures in Crib Purchasing (Day 32): Lessons Learned

1) After selecting a crib that you’ll love to live with for at least 5 years, check for reviews about the chosen crib before purchasing it. even has Proposition 65 warnings for those of us without the privilege of living in California.

2) When you find the crib you love, don’t get attached until you know it is in good condition or that one in good condition is obtainable before the baby arrives! Buy a crib when you have  5-6 months to go, in order to have time to deal with potential problems and delays.

cracked crib

3) If you decide to purchase at a store or have the item shipped to a store, have the clerk at the store check your box for everypossible issue with the item before leaving…especially when the store is 20 minutes or more away. Are all the tools and screws there? All the boards without cracks and dents? Does the finish look good? Even the most expensive and sturdy cribs may have problems.

4) If something goes wrong, exchange or return the crib to the store immediately! Do not keep the crib and wait for parts to arrive at your door. If you do, replacement parts may arrive in the wrong shade, with similar problems, or incorrect parts will be sent.

5) Although I am currently waiting on my 3rd crib to arrive, a great crib will be found and obtained eventually! It helps if you know someone with natural great luck and let them help you choose one. 🙂


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